Pool with bathhouse...,

                                                ...and what you can expect


  • sea water pool*

  • separate bathhouse with whirlpool* and shower (*active only in the winter months)

  • separate fitness room with sea view (equipped with a treadmill)



Our 8 x 4 meter sea water pool* regulates the ph value with an autonomous system, which is regularly serviced.

The biologically treated saltwater relaxes and vitalizes the body, has therefore included an additional health aspect in addition to physical movement


* Anyone who thinks that a seawater pool is just as salty as the ocean , which is wrong , because that is not the case :

seawater = 10 x more salinity

that means the poolwater is only "little" salty


Benefits sea water pool:

- by the salt water it is no longer necessary that chlorine is added.

- pleasant swimming sensation

- no redness of the eyes (especially in children)

- no eczema

- no unpleasant odors by chlorine surplus

- safe hygiene


On the pool level there is a comfortable bath house with whirlpool, shower  ( whirlpool only active in winter ) .

Even the hot tub you can enjoy the beautiful views of the sea .

A wide , white corona surrounded the pool without taking the breathtaking panoramic views of sea and mountains. Swim noodles and air mattresses round off the bathing fun .

Chairs , cushions and umbrellas are available here . And for those who can not leave the sport while on holiday is a treadmill in the gym with ocean views are available .

When darkness falls on Monte Pego offers from pool and terrace area , a shimmering lights world and often you get one of the numerous fireworks presented . In addition, conjures the pool lighting a pleasant atmosphere.


El refugio  wish you to enjoy...








Poolbereich mit Blick zum Meer und in die Berge
Blick in die Berge
Pool mit Meerblick
Terrasse und Poolbereich
Haus.- und Poolbereich
Poolbereich der Villa Finca
Pool mit Meerblick
Villa Finca Costa Blanca
Poolbereich & Abendstimmung
Abendstimmung & Lounge
Badehaus am Pool
Whirlpool & Dusche mit Aussicht