Gallery - the individual rooms

Your holiday retreat - place Villa " El Refugio " - the individual rooms

Dining room

" Nowhere else  the heirloom of my grandmother could get such an honorable spot ... "

The dining room ,where at least 8 people can eat, provides our guests a really special ambiance.

In this room you can eat, be together with your family to play games or something. Even when it is

cold outside, you can have a nice time with your family eating, playing games or whatever you

want to do, because our chimney is really close, so it will be always warm and cozy in there.

This light-flooded room is always a good choice to be in our house.

Living room

The living room is divided into two sections:


1.The actual living room (right next to the dining room, the kitchen and the terrace)

It also is a light-flooded room with two big couches.

Whether you would like a TV night with thrilling entertainment or just a comfortable evening with a

glass of wine or something is your choice!

2. The „reading room“ ( the room you can retire if you want to be by yourself for a while)

This one is near to our Masterbedroom and our terrace. Here, everybody has the chance of being

alone for a little while to read a book or whatever he or she would like to do.


The kitchen

The Kitchen - "the Heart of the house"


You will decide whether you need it on your vacation or not.

But if so, there will be nothing you will have to miss!

If you don’t need the kitchen, there are many opportunities to go for dinner or breakfast.

But it is YOUR vacation, so YOU can do whatever you like!

The Masterbedroom - "Generous and with fully comfort"


The bedroom is separated from the main plane with just one door. It has 45 square qm.

It is divided in one bedroom and one dressing room. The bed’s size is 1,80m to 2,08m.

The dressing room’s view is to the pool and has 2 closets in it. It is like a walk-in closet.

The „Masterbedroom“ has a separate bathroom, with a shower, a toilet, a bathtub (which has a

whirlpool function) and a big mirror over the sink. Also it has a separate exit to the terrace.

The masterbedroom - main area

The 2. bedroom in the main area


This cuddly decorated room has round about 10 square qm and is right next to the masterbedroom.

On the main plane of the villa. It has a generous closet for 2 persons and a bed which’s size is 1m

to 1,40 m + a mirror face to face with the bed.

Small but nice!

It has a big window with view to the garden, with this view you will notice really quick that you are

on vacation...

The bathroom with a toilet, a sink and a mirror is located right before the room.

The 2. bedroom - main area

Apartment 1 - „ you are on vacation with your sweethearts but you still have privacy..“


This apartment’s size is about 25 square qm. It has a bathroom with a shower, a toilet and a sink

with a mirror over it. The bed is 1,80m to 2,08m.

Also it has a little „kitchen unit“ with a coffee machine, a sink and a little fridge.

The view shows the „rose garden“ and the ocean.


The Apartment 1, on the left side

Apartment 2


This one is also a separated apartment, but with a size of 41 square qm. It is divided into 4

rooms ( bedroom & fitting room, storeroom, living room and the bathroom). Through 3 big windows.

You have a beautiful view to the ocean. Here our guests can find 2 bed’s

(1,80 to 2,08m), 1 closet,

1 mirror, 2 chairs, 1 little table, a living room and also a bathroom.



The Apartment 2, on the right side

Garage & fitness pavilion

Garage and the „fitness pavilion“


You can park the car in the garage or right before it, just how you like.

In the garage you can find a washing machine, a dryer and a big fridge, which you may need if the

fridge in the kitchen is not big enough for your drinks for example.

Also we have a pavilion where you can do sports, that’s why we call it the „fitness pavilion“.

Enjoy your vacation with all goodies...

...yours sincerely „El Refugio“